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Eye Brow Pencils


ITAY Mineral Cosmetics is the premiere choice for all-natural, purely mineral makeup. Made with the highest quality ingredients, ITAY is specifically formulate to leave your skin feeling fresher and healthier while you wear it, and even after you take it off. ITAY Mineral Cosmetics would like to introduce to you its one-of-a-kind Eye Brow Liner Pencil. 

The ITAY Mineral Cosmetics Eye Brow Liner Pencil is the ultimate in long-lasting design. With its uniquely designed double-sided design, the ITAY Mineral Cosmetics Eye Brow Liner Pencil can handle any task. Whether it is used for coloring, defining, filling in, or shaping your brows, the ITAY Eye Brow Liner will give your eyebrows precisely the look you have been waiting for. Combined with a built-in eyebrow comb, it is simply the only choice for a perfectly manicured look.